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Story Explorer programs make our little people love learning. Let's hear from one of our parents...

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

We moved back to Carteret County in 2019 and my youngest son, Gavin really needed to interact with his peers - work on sharing and improve this verbal communication skills, as he is delayed in his enunciation. We did not know other families with small children, and then one day I learned about Story Explorers through a Facebook post in a local mom’s group.

From the first email communication, Lisa Culpepper was entirely welcoming to us and worked with us to secure a spot for Gavin; at a time that worked with our schedule. We began attending in the fall of 2019, and it turned out to be the highlight of Gavin's week. He was so proud to go to "his school," and the social time with other kids was priceless. The fact that it is a free and non-discriminatory program allowed him to interact with all sorts of children, which is not something we get to experience in a private preschool setting.

Story Explorers gives away a book to each child at the end of each class, and the books we chose became staples of our home reading library. Gavin was excited to choose his book and receive his snack, after which we retreated to the outdoor play space most days to eat, read, play, and enjoy. Both Story Explorers’ indoor and outdoor play spaces are well-designed for young children - safe, full of open-ended inquiries and explorations. Lisa and Tara change the classroom design weekly, adding new themes and toys…So much thought and care is obviously put into the program.

As a teacher of 11 years, I can recognize the effort and the love that goes into this program - to have all the classes, special events, and communications go off without hitch. What I valued most was their desire to help - to connect those in need with resources, to send families over to the free Kids' Clothing Closet, introduce families to the Resource Library, and to interact with each child in a meaningful way.

The program’s value will persist through this year and beyond as local children can once again have the opportunity to work on their social skills, build their developmental abilities through meaningful play experiences, receive a book, be connected to the services they need, and find a home in a caring and fun environment.

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