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Transportation is Key

Reliable transportation is a vital need for families, especially families with young children. Juggling at-school learning, at-home virtual learning and multiple work schedules can be difficult in the best of situations. But for families that are already struggling financially, transportation is critical to that balance.

A local family that is receiving home-based services through Carteret Partnership for Children's Better Beginnings program has recently lost one of their cars and the remaining vehicle is in much need of repair. The father works full time at a local grocery store, but the mother was recently terminated from her job due to unreliable transportation. She has since obtained new employment, but with only one car, she must work around the father's work schedule as well as guarantee a parent is available for at-home care and learning for a preschooler and kindergartner.

The economic hardship caused by the lack of transportation is having a negative effect on the family's well-being. This family would benefit greatly from the donation of a used vehicle. If you have a vehicle you would like to donate, or have information that would help in their search, please contact the Carteret Partnership for Children office at (252) 727-0440.

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