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On the Road with SeaStem!

Here we grow again! Introducing our new program....SEASTEM. Thanks to recent grants and our fundraising event - Kicking for Carteret Kids hosted by Grandmaster Dong's Martial Arts - Carteret Partnership for Children will be taking STEM activities into PreK classrooms throughout the county. SEASTEM (Story Explorers and Science Technology Engineering and Math) combines our current literacy play-based program with science focused activities. Our goal is to offer STEM lessons in the schools' NC PreK classes beginning in fall 2021.

Lisa Culpepper, Early Education Outreach Coordinator, will plan and lead the lessons by combining story time with hands on activities and take-home projects. We plan to gift books to the classrooms to support the lessons. Learning extenders will be provided for both teachers and parents. To jumpstart SEASTEM, we are providing activities at local parks and special events. Resource boxes filled with fun and age-appropriate STEM materials have been delivered to participating teachers.

If you are interested in your school or organization participating in SEASTEM in the future, let us know. We hope to secure funding to extend the program to serve more of our county's youngest scientists and innovators. For more information, please contact Carteret Partnership for Children. You can make a donation toward the program or any of the Partnership's programs at:

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